Index of Lectures for 2007

2007-01-22 Annual General Meeting
"The Sense of Beauty and the Zen Sense of Values in a Japanese Garden"
Rev. Shunmyô Masuno

"The Huoshan Model - A Panacea against Poverty in China?"
Mrs. Marion Pennink

"Sôetsu Yanagi and Bernard Leach: Mingei and the Emergence of the Ethical Pot."
Mrs. Kyoko U. Mimura

"The Irish in the East: Irish publicists in East Asia, c.1890s-1945"
Dr. Peter O'Connor

"Miyazawa Kiichi: His Life and Times"
Dr. Robert Eldridge

"The Origins of English Haiku"
Prof. Edward Marx

"The Noh Drama and the Modern Stage"
Mr. Timothy Harris

"Japanese Policy and UN Peace-Keeping Operations: a Historical Perspective" by Dr. Tomoaki Murakami
"How Suicide is Conceived of in English and Japanese Contemporary Discourse" by Ms. Aya Maeda
"The United States-Japan Student Association: From Before the War to its Rebirth in the Postwar Period" by Mr. Nobuyuki Nakamura
"Down's Syndrome and the Effects of Pre-natal testing" by Mr. Naoya Hashimoto

"Shimoda to Edo: A Reflection on the Passage of 150 Years"
Prof. Patrick Carey

"The Influence of the Japanese Aesthetic on the Art of Gaston Petit"
Fr. Gaston Petit, OP.