Patron: Her Imperial Highness Princess Takamado

In 1997 The Asiatic Society of Japan welcomed as its Honorary Patrons Their Imperial Highnesses Prince and Princess Takamado, longtime supporters of the Society. To our profound sadness, HIH Prince Takamado passed away on November 21st, 2002. HIH Princess Takamado continues her gracious support as Honorary Patron.

The Society has been especially fortunate to have received addresses from its Patrons. At our Annual General Meeting in 2000, HIH Princess Takamado spoke on a topic that drew upon environmental themes from her book for children entitled "Lulie the Iceberg." At the following Annual General Meeting, in 2001, HIH Prince Takamado addressed the Society on "Japanese Netsuke: Treasured Miniatures", a fascinating exploration of traditional Japanese miniature carvings. After the lecture, His Imperial Highness allowed the Society to view a special display of netsuke pieces from his own collection, and arranged for a master netsuke carver to provide a carving demonstration (link to lecture here).

HIH Princess Takamado has supported and enlightened the ASJ with lectures in several fields of study. Highlighting the 2004 Annual General Meeting, she addressed The Birds of Asia)- Their Role in spreading the Environmental message.

HIH Princess Takamado provided further insight into her enduring fascination with the carved miniatures in an address to the 2012 Annual General Meeting with Netsuke and Netsuke Collections.

The Society expresses its sincerest appreciation for the tremendous dedication and support of TIH Prince and Princess Takamado over the years.

Additional information about HIH Princess Takamado may be found on the Imperial Household Agency's website.