The Council

The Council of The Asiatic Society of Japan is an all-volunteer board elected by the membership to manage The Society.
The Council executes its functions in accordance with the articles of the Constitution of The Asiatic Society of Japan.
Elections are held annually at the Annual General Meeting (AGM).
The prime function of the Council is to serve The Society's members and preserve The Society in accordance with the Constitution for the benefit of current and future generations.

If you are a member of The Society, please feel free to contact the Council anytime to express your views. Please contact the ASJ Office for contact information of individual Councilors.

Interim Council for 2018

Mr. Shungo Akizuki
Dr. Erich Berendt (1,3,5)
Dr. Robert Eldridge
Dr. Mark Lee Ford (1,4,5)
Dr. Edward Marx
Mr. Masa Matsushita, Interim President (1,2,5,6)
Dr. Makoto Okamoto (7)
Ms Yoko Okubo
Dr. Garrett Polman (1,2,5)
Mr. Lennox Samuels*
Mr. William Swinton**
Mr. Keiichi Yamanaka

1. Compliance and audit oversight
2. Finance oversight
3. Academic oversight
4. Technology oversight
5. Governance oversight
6. Operations oversight
7. Reconciliation oversight
*Transactions (reports to Academic oversight)
**Lectures (reports to Academic oversight)

Advisory Board:

Dr. George Sioris
Dr. Erich Berendt
Sir Hugh Cortazzi
Dr. Mark Lee Ford
Dr. Peter McMillan
Prof. Akimasa Mitsuta
Dr. Ronald Suleski
Mr. Tetsuo Tamura