The Council

The Council of The Asiatic Society of Japan is an all-volunteer board elected by the membership to manage The Society.
The Council executes its functions in accordance with the articles of the Constitution of The Asiatic Society of Japan.
Elections are held annually at the Annual General Meeting (AGM).
The prime function of the Council is to serve The Society's members and preserve The Society in accordance with the Constitution for the benefit of current and future generations.

If you are a member of The Society, please feel free to contact the Council anytime to express your views. Please contact the ASJ Office for contact information of individual Councilors.

Officers and Councilors for 2018

Presidents Emeriti:

  • Prof. Masahira Anesaki
  • Dr. George Sioris
  • Prof. Hugh E. Wilkinson
Vice President and Cultural Activities Liaison:
  • Mrs. Shigeko Tanaka
Vice Presidents:
  • Dr. Hubert Durt
  • Mr. James Sharp
  • Mrs. Doreen Simmons
Associate Editor:
  • Dr. Edward Marx
Programme Co-ordinator:
  • Ms. Annabel James
  • Mr James Sharp
  • Prof. Patrick Carey
Youth Secretary:
  • Mr. Soichiro Mochidome
Council Members:
  • Dr. Robert Eldridge
  • Mr. Simon Hull
  • Dr. Yuki Imoto
  • Mr. Kenichiro Kimura
  • Mrs. Keiko Makino
  • Prof. Sarah Moate
  • Ms. Yoko Okubo
Advisory Board:
  • Dr. George Sioris (President Emeritus and editorial adviser)
  • Dr. Erich Berendt
  • Dr. Michael Cooper
  • Sir Hugh Cortazzi
  • Dr. Mark Lee Ford
  • Dr. Peter McMillan
  • Prof. Akimasa Mitsuta
  • Dr. Ronald Suleski
  • Mr. Tetsuo Tamura

ASJ Office Manager (a non-Council member role):

  • Miss Haru Taniguchi
Auditor (a non-Council member role):
  • Mr. Kunihiro Imazu