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March 12th - ASJ Lecture (please note the date has changed)

Monday, March 12th, 2018 at 6:30 p.m.
Speaker: Mr Jerome Chouchan, Managing Director, Japan, South Korea, Australia, New Zealand at Godiva Japan, Inc.
Title: “Business Wisdom from the Ancient Japanese Martial Art of Kyudo”
Venue: Shibuya Kyōiku Gakuen
Address: 1-21-18 Shibuya, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo 150-0002
Access: 15-minute walk from Shibuya station’s Hachiko exit. Map.

Mr Jérôme Chouchan has tripled the revenue of Godiva Japan since he took charge as President & CEO in 2010. He is also well versed in Japanese culture and began practicing kyudo (traditional Japanese archery) 25 years ago, currently serving as a Board Director of the International Kyudo Federation. He holds a kyudo renshi (instructor's license) and has reached 5th dan. In this talk, he links together these two aspects of his life in Japan.

In Kyudo, there is a phrase seisha hicchu (正射必中), which means that if you do things correctly, you will hit the target. Based on that proverb, Mr Chouchan attempts to focus all his energy on maintaining a proper state of mind, thinking about what is right for customers by applying this concept to business. Focusing on form without thinking of the target will allow one to hit it naturally. Although Japanese companies sometimes attempt to imitate Europe and the United States, Mr Chouchan believes that returning to the origin of Japanese value will provide clues to modern society, management, and innovations.

Mr Chouchan's recent book "TARGET" (English edition published in April 2018 by LID Publications) has been well received in Japan. "TARGET" provides guidance and deep insights for people who wish to find an enhanced and richer meaning and a new approach to their career and company. Business can be much more successful, as well as more fulfilling and enjoyable, when it is practised with the right spirit. There is a deeper goal than merely aiming for sales and profit, just as shooting an arrow in accordance with 'The Way of the Bow' can be so much more enlightening than merely learning a technique for piercing a target made of paper.

April Lecture Meeting

Monday, 23rd April, 2018 at 6:30 p.m.
Speaker: The Reverend Father Gaston Petit
Title: “Insights Regarding Basic Japanese Aesthetics”
Venue: Shibuya Kyōiku Gakuen
Address: 1-21-18 Shibuya, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo 150-0002
Access: 15-minute walk from Shibuya station’s Hachiko exit. Map.


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47 authors remain to be contacted and confirmed. Three authors are not on this public list.

日本アジア協会は、紀要The Transactions of the Asiatic Society of Japanを電子化しデジタルアーカイブをインターネットで公開するにあたり、連絡先が判明しない著作権者についての情報提供を求めています。 別紙に掲載いたしました著作者について、著作権者、もしくは著作権継承者、またはこれらの方々の連絡先に関する情報をお持ちの方は、上記連絡先までご連絡ください。

In preparation for the launch of the digitized archives online of the journal “The Transactions of the Asiatic Society of Japan”, the Asiatic Society of Japan is seeking information regarding copyright holders.
Just added after the author’s information: [Year of publication in Transations].
Copyright consent volunteers might want to try finding someone with a recent year and either still alive or recently departed.

Burdick, Charles Burton (d. 1998) [1996]

Crawcour (Edwin) Sydney [1961, 1966]

Daniels, Frank J. (d. 1983) [1959]

Furness, George A. [1980] (with Yanai Hiroshi)

Harich-Schneider, Eta (d. 1986) [1957]

Ike, Nobutaka (d. 2005) [1957]

Kades, C. L. (d. 1996) [1982]
Kroker, Edward (Eduard) J.M. (d. 2007) [1959]
Kuno, Keitaro [2010]

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Malm, William P. [1984]
Mayer, Fanny Hagin (d. 1990) [1980]
McNelly, Theodore [1982, 2006]

Nayuki, Izumi (has vanished?) [2011]

Ohe, Seizō (d. 1992?) [1965]

Parish, H. Carroll [1972]
Pierson, Jr. Jan Lodewijk (d. 1979) [1929, 1934, 1937]
Plummer, Katherine (d. 2013) [1984]
Prickett, Stephen [1998]

Querido, Andries (d. 2001) [1983]

Redman, Sir Vere (d. 1975) [1975]
Romieux, Jean (d. 2012) [1932]

Sakamaki, Shunzo (d. 1973) [1938]
Schipper, William (d. 2009?) [1996]
Seat, Keith [1981]
Shimatsu, Yoichi C. [1995] (book review)
Shionozaki, Hiroshi [1994]
Sissons, D.C.S. (d. 2006) [1987]
Smith, Neil Skene (d. 1972) [1996]
Smith, Robert J. (d. 2016) [1934, 1937]
Spinks, Charles Nelson (d. ?) [1950]
Stramigioli, Giuliana (d. 1988) [1951]

Tao, Zhikun (Young Scholar) [2012]
Teow, Dr. See Heng [1994]
Totman, Conrad [1983]
Trotter, Ms. Ann [1991]
Tsuchiya, Takao (d. 1988) [1996]

van Briessen, Fritz (d. 1987) [1965]

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Ye, Kyaw Thu (YSP) [2010]
Yoshida, Toyoko [1981]

Zahl, Karl F. (d. 2013) [1972]
Zolbrod, Leon (d. 1991) [1968, 1988]

Copyright Heroes 2017

Signed copyright consent forms have been received from or on behalf of the following authors.
Their article(s) will be available online once the Forum is operational.

Ackroyd, Joyce (d. 1991)
Anderson, Stephen John
Ayrton, W. E. (out of ©)
Barrett, Marie-Thérèse
Beasley, William G. (d. 2006)
Beauchamp, Edward (d. 2006)
Beretta, Lia
Berton, Peter (d. 2014)
Borton, Hugh (d. 1995)
Cohen, Aaron M.

Coville, Cabot (d. 1987)
Cullen, Louis
Dan, Ikuma (d. 2001)
de Becker, Eric Victor Ambrose (d. 1972)
Dolce, Lucia
Elisonas, Jurgis Saulius Algirdas [2012]
Farrington, Anthony (d. 2008)
Figgess, Sir John (d. 1997)
Finch, Roger
Hammond, Jeff M.
Harris, Mr. Tim
Horiguchi, Mihoko (d. 2013)
Horton, H. Mack

Howes, John F. (d. 2017)
Hrdličková, Věnceslava
Huffman, James L.
Huq, Mr. Mir Monzurul
Imazeki, Rokuya (d. 1991)
Immoos, Thomas (d. 2001)
Iosifidou, Maria
Ishii, Yoneo (d. 2010)
Iwao, Seiichi (d. 1988)
Johnson, Linda
Joly, Jacques

Kersten, Mr. Carool
Kishibe, Shigeo (d. 2005)
Kusonoki, Dr. Ayako
Levy Jr., Marion J. (d. 2002)
McDowell, Kevin
McKeen Di Crocco, Virginia
Monnet, Livia
Nish, Ian H.
Odaira, Takeshi
Reynolds, Douglas R.

Schlichtmann, Klaus
Sorrells, Virginia
Statler, Oliver (d. 2002)
Tominaga, Michio (d. 2004)
Zachert, Hans-d

Consent not required. Out of copyright by 2020.

Dooman, Eugene H.
Groot, Father Gerard (d. 1970)
Gundert, Wilhelm
Itani, Zen’ichi
Nakamura, Naokatsu
Rabbitt, James A.
Robert, Marcel
Sadler, Arthur Lindsay
Shimizu, Isamu
van Gulik, Robert H.

Consent not required. ASJ sole publisher AND no family discoverable.

Boxer, Charles Ralph (d. 1995)
Buchanan, Rev. Daniel Crump (d. 1982)
Kuiper, J. Feenstra (d. 1970)
Romieux, Jean (d. 2012)
Roussos, Jason E. S.
Wasson, Robert Gordon