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SEPTEMBER ASJ lecture meeting

Date: Monday, 28 September 2015
Time: 6:30 - 8:30 p.m.
Speaker: Mr. Ryushi Komada / Ms. Makiko Komada
Title: “The little known world of craftsmen of ivory okimono (statuettes) and netsuke from the 19th to the 20th centuries.”

Ryushi Komada was born Isamu Komada in Tokyo in 1934. At age fifteen he started studying ivory okimono (statuette) carving, particularly of female figures dressed in kimono, under his father Ryusui. In 1962, he married Makiko and two years later began studying and carving netsuke. His first solo exhibition was held in Los Angeles in 1981, and the second in Tokyo in 1992. He served as president of the International Netsuke Carvers' Association from 1994 to 2004, when he facilitated the exchange of information among netsuke artists, and promoted contemporary netsuke among the general public by organizing exhibitions as well as giving lectures and demonstrations in Japan and overseas. He has also devoted himself in nurturing younger artists by sharing his carving and tool-making techniques and knowledge of netsuke. Since 2000, he has been giving netsuke carving classes with the artist Akira Kuroiwa at Asahi Culture Center in Shinjuku, Tokyo. Since 2003, he has been giving lessons at the Community Club Tamagawa in Futako Tamagawa, Tokyo.

Makiko Komada was born in Chiba prefecture in 1971. She received her M.A. in English Studies from Dokkyo University in 1996, and studied Linguistics the following year at the Graduate School of the University of Alberta, Canada. After returning to Japan, she became a freelance translator and writer specializing in the field of arts and crafts, particularly of netsuke and okimono. She is a board member and deputy secretary of Japan Netsuke Society, and recently published her book, “Netsuke” (Kadokawa, 2015).

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Forthcoming ASJ Meeting

Date: Monday, 19 October 2015
Time: 6:30 p.m.
Speaker: Prof. Gaye Rowley
Title: “tbc.”
Venue: Shibuya Kyoiku Gakuen (SKG)

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Tenth Young Scholars’ Programme ~ a preview

Date: Monday, 16 November 2015
Venue: tbc

    Mr. Yuichi Sasaki - Tokyo University Graduate School of Politics,
    Miss Haruka Watanabe - Graduate School of Interdisciplinary Information Studies, University of Tokyo,
    Mr. Shunichi Adachi - Komazawa University,
    Mr. Fernand Ortiz Moya - Department of Architecture, Tokyo University.

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Appeal for Help from the ASJ Membership

(Japanese text soon.)

In preparation for launching the digitized archives online for our journal The Transactions of the Asiatic Society of Japan (the “Transactions”), we have been tracking down over 300 authors who contributed to the Transactions in order to obtain their respective consents to the digitization in compliance with the Copyright Act of Japan.

Based on the search efforts conducted by members of the project managed by Ms. Patricia Yarrow (the “Project”), we now have a list of authors with no contact information. A link of which list is posted below. The list will be circulated at the June 2015 ASJ lecture meeting.

Therefore, the Project is hereby issuing a final appeal to the ASJ membership for help in obtaining the missing information for the listed authors and expedite the already-delayed digitization, considering that some of these authors are/were colleagues.

If any ASJ member could provide an e-mail or mail address for a listed author, knows where the author is, or if the author is deceased, please e-mail that information to Ms. Yarrow at:

with “LIST” as the subject header.
The list will be updated throughout June.
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    Family Name Given Name
    01. Auslin Michael R.
    02. Barrett M. T.
    03. Beasley William G.
    04. Beauchamp E.
    05. Beretta L.
    06. Berton P.
    07. Biggart Ms. Claire
    08. Blacker Dr. Carmen
    09. Blum Paul C.
    10. Borton Hugh
    11. Buchanan D. C.
    12. Burdick Charles Burton
    13. Castañeda Manuel Uribe
    14. Cohen A. M.
    15. de Becker E. V. A.
    16. Dolce Dr. Lucia
    17. Elisonas J. S. A.
    18. Emerson John K.
    19. (repeat)
    20. Farrington Anthony
    21. Fowler E.
    22. Furness & Yanai George A., and Hiroshi
    23. Gundert Wilhelm
    24. Hammond Jeff M.
    25. Hattori Dr. Shiro
    26. Holtom Drake C.
    27. Horiguchi Mihoko
    28. Ike Nobutaka
    29. Ishii Mr. Yoneo
    30. Itani Zenichi
    31. Johnson Linda
    32. Joly Jacques
    33. Kades C. L.
    34. Katō Genchi
    35. Kidder J. Edward
    36. Kishi Yasuyuki
    37. Kishibe Shigeo
    38. Kuiper J. Feenstra
    39. Kushner Barak
    40. Labberton, van Hinloopen D.
    41. Levy Jr. Marion J.
    42. Mayer Fanny Hagin
    43. McKeen Di Crocco V.
    44. Monnet Livia
    45. Morris Ivan Ira Esme
    46. Nakamura Naokatsu
    47. Nakane Prof. Chie
    48. Nishi Ian H.
    49. Ōhe Shūzō
    50. Parish H. Carroll
    51. Posdneeff Miss V.
    52. Prickett Stephen
    53. Querido A.
    54. Redman Sir Vere
    55. Robert Marcel
    56. Roussos Jason E. S.
    57. Sadler Arthur Lindsay
    58. Sakamaki S.
    59. Sansom Sir George Bailey
    60. Sawada S.
    61. Sawauchi Suketaro
    62. Seat Keith
    63. Shimatsu Yoichi C.
    64. Shimizu Isamu
    65. Singer Dr. Kurt
    66. Smith R. J.
    67. Smith Neil Skene
    68. Spencer R. S.
    69. Spinks Charles Nelson
    70. Stramigioli Giuliana
    71. Tao Zhikun
    72. Tominaga Prof. Michio
    73. Trotter Ms. Ann
    74. Tsuchiya T.
    75. Uyehara E.
    76. van Briessen Fritz
    77. van Gulik R. H.
    78. Wainright S. H.
    79. Wasson R. G.
    80. Waugh D. H.
    81. Wenck Gunther
    82. Wetherall William
    83. Whymant A. Neville J.
    84. Wildes H. E.
    85. Williams Harold Stannett
    86. Wilson & Colby R. & J.
    87. Woodard William Parsons
    88. Zachert Herbert
    89. Zahl Karl F.
    90. Zolbrod Leon