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ASJ Lecture Meeting - 15 February 2016

Date: Monday, 15 February 2016
Venue: Shibuya Kyoiku Gakuen (SKG)
Address: 1-21-18 Shibuya, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo 150-0002
Access: About a 15-minute stroll from Shibuya station’s Hachiko exit. Map.

Title: “Chinese Perceptions of Japan and US Foreign Policy in East Asia”.
Speaker: Professor Stephen Robert Nagy (Associate Professor Department of Politics and International Studies International Christian University)

The “nationalization” of the Senkaku islands in September 2012 resulted in increased tension between Japan and China. A direct consequence of the nationalization was that Japanese trade and investment in China was affected with localized violence, vandalism, boycotts of Japanese products and short-term closure of Japanese businesses. PM Abe’s visit to Yasukuni Shrine in December 2013, his views on Japan’s wartime history and his proactive pacifism can be said to have worsened relations. In the wake of worsening relations and considering the importance of Japan-China politics, economic and security relations for the region and global economy, it is important to have a good understanding of perceptions about Japan by her Chinese counterparts. This has become more difficult in light of growing anti-Japanese sentiment, nationalism and continuing disputes over the Senkaku islands. (Genron, 2014)

This paper explores Chinese perceptions of the US and Japan’s foreign policy under PM Abe since 2012 and their implications for rapprochement between Japan and China. As part of this objective, this paper will investigate how do Chinese scholars view Japan’s proactive pacifism? How do Chinese scholars interpret Japan’s strengthening alliance with the US? How do Chinese scholars interpret Japan’s cooperation with Southeast Asia nations in the South China Sea? How do Chinese scholars view change and or reinterpretation of the Japanese constitution?

Forthcoming ASJ Meeting: 07 March 2016

Date: Monday, 07 March 2016
Venue: Shibuya Kyoiku Gakuen (SKG)
Address: 1-21-18 Shibuya, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo 150-0002
Access: About a 15-minute stroll from Shibuya station’s Hachiko exit. Map.
Title: “Charles Lang Freer and Masuda Takashi: Competitors and Confreres in Shaping the Roles of Japanese Art for the 20th Century.”.
Speaker: Dr. James Ulak, Senior Curator of Japanese Art, the Freer Gallery and Arthur M. Sackler Gallery, Washington.

Charles Lang Freer (1854-1919) and Masuda Takashi (1848-1938) initiated their relationship in an odd, almost comically contentious manner. Freer, a Detroit industrialist began collecting Japanese art in the late 1880s. By 1907, on the occasion of his second of five visits to Japan, he had his first encounters with Masuda, the founder of the modern Mitsui conglomerate and leader of a new breed in Meiji era Japan—the industrialist art collector/tea ceremony afficianado. Masuda accused Freer to his face of pillaging Japanese patrimony and he plotted to subvert Freer’s access to newly available treasures from Nara’s Kofukuji. The obfuscation and intrigue encountered by Freer during his several month visit in 1907 bordered on French farce. Then, only months later, after visiting Freer in Detroit, Masuda’s attitude completely changed and it marked the beginning of a most cordial series of visits and correspondence that lasted until Freer’s death. A shared passion for the works of Hon’ami Koetsu (1558-1637) was a constant in their exchanges.

In 1906 Freer had pledged his substantial collection to the people of the United States. A singular focus on Asian art in the America’s capital was an amazing gesture in that era. Masuda was deeply impressed by this as well as by Freer’s access to the highest levels of power in Washington. Each man represented strong and influential points of view on how the art of Japan would be considered and presented to both domestic and international audiences in the ensuing 20th century. Dr. Ulak examines the known facts of the relationship and also considers Masuda’s role in sustaining and even enhancing Freer’s posthumous reputation.


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In preparation for the launch of the digitized archives online of the journal “The Transactions of the Asiatic Society of Japan”, the Asiatic Society of Japan is seeking information regarding copyright holders. NO DATA means, aside perhaps from the date of death, we have no contact data and this is very serious. NO REPLY means the author, heirs, publishers, or university departments were contacted but did not reply. IN PROGRESS means a volunteer is currently in pursuit.

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    Ackroyd*, Joyce
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    Barrett, M. T. (possible contact; in progress -Nagy)
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    Burdick, Charles Burton (d. 1998 -no data)

    Clement,* Ernest Wilson
    Cohen, A. M. -no data ; -Kobayashi
    Coville, Cabot R. (d. 1987 -no data)
    Crawcour, Edwin Sydney -no reply
    Cullen*, Prof. Louis -no data

    Daniels, F. J. -no reply
    de Becker, E. V. A. -no data
    Dolce, Dr. Lucia -no data
    Dooman, Eugene H. (d. 1969 -no reply)

    Elisonas, J. S. A. -no data
    Emerson, John K. -no data

    Farrington, Anthony -no data
    Figgess, Sir John (possible contact; in progress -S. Tanaka)
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    Foucher, A. -no data
    Furness, George A. -no data

    Greene, Robert (d. 2013) (possible contact; in progress -Yarrow)
    Groot, Father Gerard (d. 1970 -no reply)
    Guignard, I. -no reply (possible contact; in progress -Schumacher)
    Gundert, Wilhelm (d. 1971) (possible contact; in progress -Ando)

    Hackin*, J.
    Hammond, Jeff M. -no reply (in progress -Schumacher
    Harich-Schneider, Eta (d. 1986 -no reply)
    Harris, Mr. Tim -no reply (in progress -Schumacher)
    Hattori, Dr. Shiro (d. 1995 -no reply)
    Horiguchi, Mihoko -no data
    Horton, H.M. (in progress; -Yarrow)
    Howes, John F. -no reply
    Hrdlickova, Ms. Vena -no reply (in progress -Yarrow)
    Huffman, James (in progress -Ando)
    Huq, Mr. Mir Monzurul (in progress -Yarrow)
    Ike, Nobutaka (d. 2005 -no data)
    Ikuma, Dan Nobutaka -no data
    Imazeki, Dr. Rokuya (d. 1991 -no data (in progress -Yarrow)
    Immoos, Thomas -no reply (in progress -Carey)
    Iosifidou, Maria -no rely (in progress -Carey)
    Ishii, Yoneo (d. 2010; in progress -Yarrow)
    Itani, Zenichi -no data
    Iwao, Prof. Seiichi (d. 1988 -no reply)
    Izuerdo, H.E. Miguel Ruiz-Cabanas, -no reply (in progress -Ramos)

    Johnson, Linda -no data
    Joly, Jacques -no data

    Kades, C. L. -no data
    Kaminski, Ignacy-Marek -no reply
    Katō, Eileen (d. 2008 -possible contact; in progress -Kobayashi)
    Kersten, Mr. Carool -no reply (in progress -Yarrow)
    Kidder, J. Edward (d. 2014 -no reply; in progress -Robinson)
    Kishi, Yasuyuki (YSP) -no reply -Akizuki
    Kishibe, Shigeo (d. 2005) (possible contact; in progress -Yarrow.)
    Kroker, Edward -no data
    Kuiper, J. Feenstra (d. 1970 -no data)
    Kuno, Keitaro -no reply
    Kusonoki, Dr. Ayako (YSP) -no reply (in progress -Ando)

    Lerski*, Jerzy Jan (d. 1992 -no data. Voted second most favorite name.
    Levy Jr., Marion J. (d. 2002 -no data)

    Malm, William P. -no data
    Mayer, Fanny Hagin (d. 1990 -no data)
    McDowell, Kevin no reply (in progress -Yarrow)
    McKeen Di Crocco, V. -no data
    McNelly, Prof. Theodore -no data
    Monnet, Livia -no reply -Simmons

    Nakamura, Naokatsu -no data -Makino
    Nish, Ian H. (possible contact; in progress -Yarrow)
    Nosco, Peter -no reply (Simon Hull)

    Ōhe, Shūzō -no data

    Parish, H. Carroll -no data
    Pierson, Jr. Dr. Jan Lodewijk (d. 1979-no data -Mochidome)
    Plummer, Katherine (d. 2013 -no data -Yarrow)
    Plutschow, Herbert (d. 2010) (possible contact; in progress. -Yarrow)
    Posdneeff*, Miss V. -no data

    Querido, A. -no reply

    Rabbit, James A. (d. 1969 -no reply)
    Redman, Sir Vere (d. 1995 -no data)
    Ritchie, Donald (d. 2013; in progress -Nagy) (too famous not to have someone to sign the Consent form)
    Robert, Marcel -no data
    Romieux, J. -no data
    Roussos, Jason E. S. -no data

    Sadler, Arthur Lindsay (d. 1970 -no data) (too famous not to find someone to sign the Consent form)
    Sakamaki, Shunzo (d. 1973 in progress -Robinson)
    Shimatsu, Yoichi C. -no data
    Shimizu, Isamu -no data
    Singer, Dr. Kurt -no data
    Sissons, D.C.S. (d. 2006 -no data)
    Smith, Neil Skene (d. 1972 -no data -Yarrow)
    Smith, R. J. -no data
    Spencer, R. S. -no data
    Spinks, Charles Nelson -no reply
    Statler, Oliver (d. 2002; in never-ending progress -Yarrow) (too famous in our field not to find someone to sign the Consent form -Yarrow)
    Stramigioli, Giuliana -no data

    Tao, Zhikun -no data
    Teow, Dr. See Heng -no reply
    Tominaga, Prof. Michio (d. 2004 in progress -Akizuki)
    Totman, Conrad -no reply
    Trotter, Ms. Ann -no data
    Tsuchiya, T. -no data

    Uyehara, E. -no data

    van Briessen, Fritz (d. 1987 -no data)
    van Gulik, Robert H. -no reply (in progress -Carey)
    van Hinloopen Labberton, D. (voted best name on this list, -alas, no data)

    Wainright,S. H. -no data
    Wasson, R. G. -no data
    Waugh, D. H. -no data
    Wenck, Günther (possible contact; in progress-Ando)
    Whymant, A. Neville J. -no data
    Wildes, H. E. -no data
    Williams, Harold Stannett (d. 1987 -no data)
    Wilson & Colby, R. & J. -no data
    Wright, David -no reply; in progress -Simmons

    Yanai, Hiroshi -no data
    Ye, Kyaw Thu (YSP) -no reply

    Zachert, Herbert (d. 1979) (possible contact; in progress -Ando)
    Zahl, Karl F. -no reply
    Zolbrod, Leon (d. 1991 -no reply) (possible contact; in progress -Yarrow)

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