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This weekend! Japan Ireland Society: 2016 Annual Research Meeting
We are delighted to share details of the Japan Ireland Society's 2016 Annual Research Meeting, which features a keynote lecture relating to the centenary of the events of the Easter Rising, which is taking place in 2016.

Japan Ireland Society: 2016 Annual Research Meeting

Dates: Saturday 10th & Sunday 11th December 2016
Venue: Hosei University (Ichigaya Campus), Tamachi Building 5F, Multi-Media Hall

Saturday 10th December
13:00~ Reception opens
13:30~ Venue opens
14:00 International Symposium: "The Influence of the Easter Rising on Political Developments in East Asia"
Keynote Lecturer: Professor Hiroko Goto (Hosei University)
Panel Discussion Participants:
- Dr. Aglai de Angeli (Queen's University Belfast)
- Dr. Shin Chang U (Hosei University)
- Dr. Peter O'Connor (Musashino University)
18:00 ~ Reception Party (participation fee: 5,000 JPY)

Sunday 11th December

09:00 ~ Reception opens
09:30 - 10:10 Reserach Presentation #1:
- Noriko Mizusaki (Daito Bunka University)
- ‘W. B. Yeats' Essays' Blank Verse and his Translations of Japanese Waka" (delivered in Japanese)

10:15 - 10:55 Research Presentation #2:
- Yahata Masahiko (Beppu University Junior College)
- ‘”Humour Within Despair": George A. Birmingham's Memoirs of the Next World War and his Short Stories' (delivered in Japanese)

11:00 - 11:40 Research Presentation #3:
- Yamada Tomomi (Tsuda College)
- ‘Japan's Korean Governance at the "Shaw Incident"' (delivered in Japanese)

11:45 - 12:25 Research Presentation #4:
- Kawashima Kazuhito (Ritsumeikan University)
- “The Conception of the Dublin Open-Air Museum: Based Upon a Comparison of Wales and Northern Ireland" (delivered in Japanese)

13:30 - 14:10 Research Presentation #5:
- Brian Sayers (Mejiro University)
- ‘Easter 1916 and the Fenian Ideal' (delivered in English)

14:20 - 16:50 Symposium
- “The Easter Rising: Now, 100 Years On"
- Date Naoyuki (Aoyamagakuin University), Mori Arisa (Nihon University)
- Mikami Hiroko (Waseda University), Sato Toru (Aoyamagakuin University)

To request to attend, please contact the Japan Ireland Society via the following email address:
Further information about the symposium is available (in Japanese) at:

ASJ December Meeting

Monday, December 12 at 6:30 p.m.
Speaker: Dr. Mary Redfern (Curator of the East Asian Collection, Chester Beatty Library, Dublin)
Subject: “The Art of Friendship at the Chester Beatty Library: Celebrating 60 Years of Diplomatic Relations between Ireland and Japan”
Venue: (tbc)

Registration for the December Meeting

Please note that the seating capacity at the December lecture meeting will be limited to 70 persons, so it may be necessary to turn down some applications; in that case those turned down this time will be given priority at a future meeting for which application is required. This meeting will be for ASJ members only, please see the ASJ Bulletin for further details.

The period for application will be from 12:00 noon on Sunday, November 13th (and not before) to Sunday, November 27th, by e-mail ( or by fax (03-3795-2371) to the ASJ office; please send ① your full name, ② professional title and ③ e-mail or fax number. Applications will be dealt with on a first-come, first-served basis. The ASJ office will send you confirmation of your application in due course.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

December Rakugo performance

Sunday, December 18 at 2:00 p.m.
Event: Rakugo Performance by Katsura Sunshine
Venue: BrewDog in Roppongi
Time: from 2 p.m.

Katsura Sunshine is the first ever Western Rakugo storyteller in the history of the “Kamigata” Rakugo tradition, and only the second ever in the history of Japan. In 2008 he was accepted as an apprentice to the great Rakugo storytelling master, Katsura Bunshi VI.

We are delighted to announce that his rakugo performance, featuring one story in English and one in Japanese, will take place on Sunday 18th December at the BrewDog in Roppongi from 2 p.m.

Admission costs 4,000 yen, which includes the value of two drinks. The performance will be followed by a closing party.

To make reservations, please contact:
For more information see Sunshine’s webpage:

As Mr Sunshine will be our April 17 speaker, this is an opportunity for ASJ members to enjoy his stage performance beforehand.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Forthcoming ASJ Meeting - AGM

Monday, February 06 at 6:30 p.m.
Speaker: (tbc)
Subject: (tbc)
Venue: (tbc)

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Payment of Annual ASJ Dues

May we remind Members who have not yet renewed their Asiatic Society of Japan membership for this year to do so by remitting the subscription amount (Regular Membership: JPY11,000) to our account. The particulars of which are as follows:
- Postal transfer to Japan Postal Account No. 00120-0-167991
- Bank transfer to Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi UFJ, Aoyama-dori Branch, Ordinary Account No. 1048353
- Payment is also payable by U.S. dollar cheque.


Could you help with contacting any of the Transactions authors below?

Please e-mail any clues, ideas, e-mail, etc. to Ms. Yarrow at:

164 Consent forms have been confirmed as of September 12, 2016.

113 authors remain to be contacted.

For instance:
-Young Scholar from 2007 Miss Ayako Kusonoki has vanished.

Several authors are members of the professional network LinkedIn. If someone has a Premium account, we can contact them.
日本アジア協会は、紀要The Transactions of the Asiatic Society of Japanを電子化しデジタルアーカイブをインターネットで公開するにあたり、連絡先が判明しない著作権者についての情報提供を求めています。 別紙に掲載いたしました著作者について、著作権者、もしくは著作権継承者、またはこれらの方々の連絡先に関する情報をお持ちの方は、上記連絡先までご連絡ください。

In preparation for the launch of the digitized archives online of the journal “The Transactions of the Asiatic Society of Japan”, the Asiatic Society of Japan is seeking information regarding copyright holders.

Contact information needed as of September 07, 2016

    Family Name, Given Name (-multiple articles noted — otherwise there is a single article)
    Ackroyd, Joyce
    Anderson, Prof. Stephen John
    Ayrton, W. E.

    Barrett, M. T. (d. 1997)
    Beasley, William G. -2 articles
    Beauchamp, E.
    Beretta, Lia
    Berton, Peter (d. 2014)
    Bickerton, William Maxwell
    Borton, Hugh (d. 1995)
    Boxer, C. R. (d. 1995) -3 articles
    Buchanan, Rev. Daniel Crump (d. 1982)
    Burdick, Charles Burton (d. 1998)

    Cohen, A. M.
    Coville, Cabot R. (d. 1987)
    Crawcour, Edwin Sydney -2 articles
    Cullen, Prof. Louis

    Daniels, F. J.
    de Becker, E. V. A.
    Dolce, Dr. Lucia
    Dooman, Eugene H. (d. 1969)

    Elisonas, J. S. A.

    Farrington, Anthony
    Figgess, Sir John
    Finch, Roger
    Furness, George A.

    Groot, Father Gerard (d. 1970)
    Gundert, Wilhelm (d. 1971)

    Hammond, Jeff M.
    Harich-Schneider, Eta (d. 1986)
    Harris, Mr. Tim
    Horiguchi, Mihoko (past ASJ Librarian)
    Horton, H.M.
    Howes, John F.
    Hrdlickova, Ms. Vena
    Huffman, James
    Huq, Mr. Mir Monzurul

    Ike, Nobutaka (d. 2005)
    Ikuma, Dan Nobutaka
    Imazeki, Dr. Rokuya (d. 1991)
    Immoos, Thomas
    Iosifidou, Maria
    Ishii, Yoneo (d. 2010)
    Itani, Zenichi
    Iwao, Prof. Seiichi (d. 1988)
    Johnson, Linda
    Joly, Jacques

    Kades, C. L.
    Kersten, Mr. Carool
    Kishibe, Shigeo (d. 2005)
    Kroker, Edward
    Kuiper, J. Feenstra (d. 1970)
    Kuno, Keitaro
    Kusonoki, Dr. Ayako (YSP)

    Lerski, Jerzy Jan (d. 1992)
    Levy Jr., Marion J. (d. 2002)

    Malm, William P.
    Mayer, Fanny Hagin (d. 1990)
    McDowell, Kevin
    McKeen Di Crocco, V.
    McNelly, Prof. Theodore
    Monnet, Livia

    Nakamura, Naokatsu
    Nayuki, Izumi
    Nish, Ian H.

    Odaira, Takeshi
    Ōhe, Shūzō

    Parish, H. Carroll
    Pierson, Jr. Dr. Jan Lodewijk (d. 1979) -3 articles
    Plummer, Katherine (d. 2013)
    Prickett, Stephen

    Querido, A.

    Rabbit, James A. (d. 1969)
    Redman, Sir Vere (d. 1995)
    Robert, Marcel
    Romieux, J.
    Roussos, Jason E. S.

    Sadler, Arthur Lindsay (d. 1970)
    Sakamaki, Shunzo(d. 1973)
    Schipper, William
    Schlichtmann, Klaus
    Seat, Keith
    Shimatsu, Yoichi C.
    Shimizu, Isamu
    Shionozaki, Hiroshi
    Sissons, D.C.S. (d. 2006)
    Smith, Neil Skene (d. 1972)
    Smith, R. J.
    Sorrells, Virginia
    Spinks, Charles Nelson
    Statler, Oliver (d. 2002)
    Stramigioli, Giuliana (d. 1988)

    Tao, Zhikun
    Teow, Dr. See Heng
    Tominaga, Prof. Michio (d. 2004)
    Totman, Conrad
    Trotter, Ms. Ann
    Tsuchiya, Takao (d. 1988)

    van Briessen, Fritz (d. 1987)
    van Gulik, Robert H. (d. 1967) -3 articles
    Wasson, Robert Gordon (d. 1986)
    Wildes, H. E. (d. 1982)
    Willcock, Hiroko
    Williams, Harold Stannett (d. 1987)
    Wright, David

    Ye, Kyaw Thu (YSP)
    Yoshida, Toyoko

    Zahl, Karl F.
    Zolbrod, Leon (d. 1991)